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Oyster Bay Cinema Hire

Bringing the magic of cinema to your home

Lights, camera, action...are you ready for the show?

With Oyster Bay Cinema Hire, you don't need to worry about driving to a cinema, finding a parking space or queuing for a ticket - everything you need is brought to you.

And not only that, but the team will set it up for you as well.

So whether you want a giant 168" inflatable screen in your garden, or a smaller, 86" screen in your living room, let Oyster Bay Cinema Hire bring everything you need for a blockbuster movie night at home.

Browse the packages, pick your extras, then settle in and get ready to hit play on a family film night with a difference.



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Oyster Bay Cinema Hire - image is a screen set up in a garden, in the evening. There is a still from a film on the screen, which is set up on some decking. In the foreground you can see two chairs and a table with two containers of popcorn on